Bottled Water Cooler

Refreshing Culligan Bottled Water is free of impurities, like sodium, lead and chlorine.  Produced under strictly monitored processing and bottling standards, our purification process uses an advanced contaminant removal technology that is far more effective than carbon filters, pitchers and faucet filter attachments.

With a bottled water cooler, Culligan has the right solution for you to get started on your path to drinking 8 glasses a day.

Are you happy with tap water in your home or business?

If you are concerned with the impurities of tap water, Culligan Bottled water can be your solution.  With one 5-gallon bottled delivered to your home or office, you receive eighty 8-ounce servings, making this cost just a fraction of the cost of purchasing bottled water from your store.  Tastes better and cost-effective, can’t get any easier than that!

Our stylish cooler designs offer a variety of temperature settings and looks great in your home or office.  Plus they are also designed to take up less space and have an efficient “Inside-Out” water cooling system.

Our bottles also have an innovative care cap making them spill-proof.  Inside the cooler is a special valve that “pops” the cap open, releasing water only when the bottle is in place.  Because this design allows for a steady stream of filtered air and water, you also don’t get the “glugging” sound that is often found with many bottled water systems.

Benefits of a Bottled Water Cooler

  • Offers varied water temperature settings – Hot, cool, and cold
  • Helps free up space on kitchen/office counters – bottled water coolers take up less than one square foot
  • Provides various styles – Easily match your water cooler to your décor
  • Calorie-free beverage choice
  • Better tasting coffee, tea, juice, soups and more
  • Cost effective solution

Plus we have Bottle Delivery as well!  Read more…

Culligan Bottled Water is not only a great thirst-quencher, but can become the healthy choice for your home or office.

Call Culligan Water Conditioning in Yankton to gauge your bottled water needs and provide you with a system that will work for you.